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If you promote music releases, movies, or podcasts, make them available on various streaming services. And create the one-link page to make sure everyone finds your product.

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8bio provides a convenient way to show your products and add links to your existing shop.

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Meet multiple tools to view your growth. See new views and their sources. Analyze your links.

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Bio Link - Frequently asked questions

  • How to put a link in instagram profile?
    Go to your profile, tap Edit Profile, add your link in the Website field and tap Done.
  • What does link in bio mean?
    It means "link in biography", which refers to the area below an Instagram profile image and immediately above any posts/feed.
  • How to add a link in TikTok profile?
    Switch to a TikTok Business in your account settings, selecting “Manage account” and “Switch to Business Account.” then Tap “Edit profile” and enter a link into the website field. 
  • How to create multi link in bio?
    The tool you can use to add more links to your Instagram bio is 8bio. With 8bio, you can quickly add unlimited links to a single Instagram account.
  • What does link in bio mean on TikTok?
    "Link in short biographical profile of someone", which refers to the filed below an TikTok profile image and immediately above any videos/feed.
  • How to make a link in bio?
    8bio is the tool you can use to make a link for your Instagram or TikTok. 
  • How to put a clickable link in Instagram bio?
    Open your Instagram profile, tap Edit Profile, paste your link in the Website field and tap Done.
  • How to insert link in Twitter bio?
    Go to your Twitter profile, select “Edit Profile”, and paste a link in the website field. Or, you can add a link directly in your Twitter bio.

What is link in bio?

Link in bio refers to the clickable URL you can add to section of your profile. Many social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok allow you to include a link in the profile so followers can visit your website, product page or other important pages.
If you're curious about what this actually means, or where it is located on Instagram, simply visit the profile homepage to view the bio and the link to click.

Instagram's user interface was responsible for the rise of the link in bio as a prominent feature of social media usage. Instagram is used by celebrities, brands, and content creators to promote new products, creations, and advertisements. Instagram doesn't allow clickable links to be included in post captions and only single link can be added to a profile.

You will hear the phrase "link to bio" in Instagram videos, and it is often included in the captions of images. An example of this is a web design studio that might write, "Our new free website theme has arrived!" Click the link below to download the theme. The link will direct you to the download page.

Instagram's feature can seem restrictive when you want multiple posts, products or pages highlighted. Test 8bio tool to help your Instagram. 8bio generates a customized landing page with all relevant urls that you wish to share.

Twitter profiles can also contain links. The feature is less prominent than it used to be, as the platform allows you to add links to tweets. TikTok, another popular app with "link in bio". Similar to Instagram, it only allows one primary link in a profile. Users cannot place links in captions for videos. Users must encourage their viewers to click on the link in bio. 

Link in bio tools

Marketers and creators have a problem because you only have one link in your Instagram bio. You had to swap links each time you started a new campaign if you wanted to modify it. You don't need to do this anymore. This link can be used for many other purposes.
Link in bio tools are a great way to optimize that one link. These tools will help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy. These tools can help you track clicks, drive traffic and increase sales. You can also promote multiple links with the link in bio tool. To maximize the link in your Instagram bio, choose the best link-in-bio tool.

Links in Instagram Stories?

Although accounts with 10K+ followers have the option to share their links through their Stories account, those who are still building a following should use the single link embedded in their bio to direct users to a product site or piece of content. Additionally, Stories links, except for Stories highlights are temporary and not ideal to highlight the most relevant URLs to drive social-media traffic to.

Multiple links in posts in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Facebook and Twitter allow you to add a link to your website's homepage. However, clickable links can be shared to individual pages, products, and content on your posts. Instagram is a different story.
The single link at the top of an Instagram account profile is now the heartbeat of Instagram's business side. This is the best way for users to redirect their followers away from Instagram to another website.

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